Newsletter 30th July 2015


Rain, wind, a bit of sun, rain, a pause, more rain. To say it mildly, the Danish summer hasn’t been the warmest this year.

Our garden however is loving all the rain, we just harvested 118 garlic and there is more to come. Onions, zuccini, potatoes, broccoli, greeen kale, different beans, tomatoes and enourmously big pumpkin plants.

We are getting more and more into growing our own vegetables, for us nothing beats the luxury of eating something that is just freshly harvested. We are playing around with principles of Permaculture and having some great results (maybe i will get around to make you a little video of it soon).


With all the rain and wind the last days i found my self dreaming about saunas and a hot bathtubs. My system is saying, I would like some more warmth please. So even if the summer is a washout, at least there is something warm to look forward to because…

Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Turkey

The 3rd-10th of October, we are going to Turkey, to the mountains of the butterfly valley, right on the coast, on a yoga and meditation week – and you are very welcome to join us.

Nature, beauty, silence, spaciousness, yoga, meditation, delicious healthy food, refreshing swimming in the sea, a body and mind that let’s go of all the tension….

We will be staying in the retreat center of our good friend Rebecca, who has been running retreats on healthy food/living and detox for more than 10 years.

From the lush garden of the retreat place you can enjoy fresh and organic produce like pomegranates, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, sharonfruit, plums, mulberries, avocadoes, tomatoes, aubergines, fresh spinach and olives.
When I talked with Rebecca about the menu we will have, I got so hungy, wow, it sounds good!

The retreat centre is situated on the Lycian Way, a 540 kilometre hiking trail in southwestern Turkey. The area is lush and green forested and gives you wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea.
It is a short ten minute walk down to the beach where you can swim, snorkel or just breathe in the beauty.
get more details and see amazing photos here.


We will spend a week there, practicing yoga and meditation, go for lovely walks in the nature, swim, enjoy just being and breathing.

Click for Booking Information and prices.

Chocolate and coconut pudding – recipe

chocolate pudding

Here is a recipe I got from Rebecca in Turkey, it is so healthy you can eat it for breakfast 😉

This pudding is creamy, delicious and chock full of nutrients from the avocadoes, chocolate and berries.
• 2 ripe avocados
• 80 grams (1/4 cup) raw honey, maple syrup or 5 large dates that have been soaked in water for an hour or two.
• 5 Tablespoons cocoa powder
• 1-2 Tablespoons of coconut oil or coconut milk
• 80 grams (½ cup) blueberries or other berries
• 1½ tsp vanilla extract

Put all ingredients into your food processor and blend until smooth. You can serve it directly from the machine or you can pour it into small bowls and let it set for a few hours. Delicious!

I hope you will enjoy it

Warm greetings
Solveig Egebjerg

Bornholm Only: Nye Yogahold til august, tilmelding nu.

Retreat/Workshop Calendar:

31st July to 2nd August:
Moving into Silence, Yoga, meditation, Silence, Nature on Bornholm with Solveig

8th of August:
Meditative yoga – 1 day retreat with Ian David Chapman

3rd to 10th of October:
Yoga, mindfulness, meditation retreat in Turkey with Solveig and Ian

18th to 25th October:
Yoga and Satsang retreat in France with Prajnaparamita and Solveig

Meditative Yoga Workshop
Ian (who I run Bornholm Yoga and retreat center with) will be teaching a one day meditative yoga workshop on the 8th August. He has 20 years experience and people love his gentle clear way of teaching.


This workshop is for everyone interested in learning meditation or deepening their existing meditation practice, whether you are a total beginner or have been meditating for years.
This is also especially good if you suffer from stress or stress related illnesses or if you have difficulty concentrating or staying focused.
Meditative Yoga Course Information (Click Here)


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