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Due to our little boys, I will not have any group retreats this year. I miss it, so lets see when it can happen again. But you are always welcome to come to Bornholm and make your own retreat, and we can have a number of 1 to 1 sessions (or you can come 2 people or a small group). Just write to me and we will find time

2024 has not been planned yet. Keep an eye on our website or the newsletter (which is in english, though sign up box is danish)


Your chance to unplug from daily life
A exclusive 3 day retreat with a small group of max 10 people, with yoga, meditation, silence, healthy vegetarian food, and hiking in the beautiful nature of Bornholm island, with Solveig Egebjerg. This is a chance for you to unplug from your daily life and connect with a deeper part of your self, inner silence & inner knowing.

(This little video is in danish, but you can see some of the nature we will visit)


Course Dates

Not fixed yet, keep an eye on the newsletter

You are welcome to stay a few days after the retreat to enjoy more of the nature of Bornholm, and possibly take 1-1 sessions

To sign up send an email to

Yoga Retreat Bornholm. Stilhed, Meditation, Vandreture

A Silent retreat

What happens when we press the pause button on our habit of always having to talk to other people? Can you be quiet with others? Can you be quiet alone? These are questions that seem simple, but can reveal a lot about our habit patterns and conditioning.

On Saturday and Sunday we will be in silence most of the day.

We will move through the superficial talk of the mind and touch on the deep silence of being.

Some people find the idea of silence challenging, but it’s actually our natural state. By placing ourselves in an optimal environment this becomes clear.

Course Structure

On this retreat we combine yoga, meditation, mindfulness and walking in nature. They each support each other. Normally we walk in the morning and practice yoga in the afternoon.

Going offline to reconnect

Imagine giving your self the gift to be offline for a weekend! By disconnecting from the Internet and mobile devices, you have a chance to reconnect with yourself and nature.

Yoga Retreat Bornholm Salene Strand


Listening creates space

When you take the space and time to just BE instead of doing, something happens.
Giving yourself time without the constant flow of information we are normally bombarded with. Giving yourself time to listen rather than to speak. A space opens up for you to step outside of your normal habits and patterns. You get a different and broader perspective that strengthens your ability to make the best choices for yourself.
We will work with how you can move from habitual response patterns in everyday life to a place of silence and flow, and how you can integrate it into all aspects of your life.

We will do meditations and journaling with these aims:

  • To stop focusing on the negative in your life
  • Finding gratitude in your life
  • To be present in every moment
  • Being able to accept things as they are, without needing to change them – and the immense freedom it offers.

Mindful Yoga

You will be guided to become more aware and present in your body and your mind. I will help you to discover any blockages where energy is not flowing freely. You benefit both physically, emotionally and mentally, and you get the tools to be able to let go, get more freedom at all levels and “come home to yourself.”

We take time to explore poses for a while, rather than doing dynamic flows. We work with physical yoga exercises, but they are never just physical. I will guide you all the time into a deeper presence with yourself.

Breathing is life

During the retreat you will connect deeper with your breath and understand more of its close connection to the body, feelings, thoughts and presence.

You will learn many techniques, including:

  • How to relax and strengthen your body
  • Specific exercises for individual places you need to work with the body
  • To come down in the body (rather than to be mostly in the head, which we are often)
  • To be in the present here and now.

Yoga Retreat Bornholm. Stilhed, Meditation, Vandreture



Nature has an amazing effect on our mind and our whole energy system. Being in nature automatically gives more vitality, energy and inner peace. It helps us to feel and sense ourselves.

Around Bornholm Yoga and Retreat Center we are blessed with some of Denmark’s most beautiful scenery.

We will start each morning by taking walks in silence, as walking meditation. It may be along the rocky coast, on the beach, in the woods, or along the rivers and lakes. Maybe we will sit and meditate or do a writing exercise at some of the sites.

If the weather is nice, we eat an early lunch in the open.

Early afternoon we have yoga for about 3 hours either in our beautiful yoga hall overlooking the ocean or outside on the grass.

Saturday we eat dinner by the sea at our local beach (weather dependant)

The walking will take place at slow pace, so all can participate regardless of fitness level.

It will not be about how far we can walk, the focus will be on how we walk and how we can be present and connected with the magic of nature around us. I will guide you to help you in this

Free flow writing – stream of consciousness

We will work a bit with writing, not from the head and not in a way where we constantly evaluate and judge ourselves, before we put pen to paper. In stead, we’ll work to pause our ¨inner critic¨ and write freely from the heart (and all the other organs).

When we allow ourselves to write in this way, we connect with a flow and a wisdom which is much more powerful than what our small heads can produce.

It’s a great tool for the times when you just feel you are stuck in something – a feeling, a pattern or a belief system. Also, it’s a really good way of training to listen more to your own intuition.

About Solveig Egebjerg:

I have 20 years of experience in working with the body and mind.
I am here to inspire you to be there right now,
See and feel yourself consciously, clearly and lovingly

Click here to read more about Solveig Egebjerg & how I teach. 

Yoga Retreat Bornholm. Stilhed, Meditation, Vandreture

Who can participate?

You don’t need a lot of experience with yoga & meditation. All you need is curiosity and a desire to become more aware of yourself (and no, you can not be too stiff 😉 )

If you are an experienced yogi, I can guide you to go even deeper and more subtle. People that come from different yoga backgrounds often have eye-opening realizations of how different their practice can also be.

Silence is a key component of this weekend, you must be willing to experience being in silence and discover what this creates. We practice noble silence so for practical purposes you can talk to other participants (for example, “pass me the salad”) You can also ask questions to the teacher. What we refrain from is any unnecessary communication and general chit chat.

Because we are such a small group, it is very personal teaching and there is plenty of time and space for your needs.

Practical Information:


The program is always flexible, as we will adjust according to the weather. The start and end times are fixed:


  • 14-17: Arrival and tea for those staying at the center
  • 17.00: Light dinner, organic soup, salad and bread (open to all participants)
  • 18.00: Latest arrival time
  • 18:30 – 21:30: We practice gentle yoga and grounding exercises with the focus on landing in the body. You also get an introduction to meditation and other tools we will use over the weekend.


We start in nature, and end in nature. We walk, practice yoga, eat lunch in the countryside, meditate and end the day with dinner on the beach, maybe with a bonfire.

  • 07.00 – 7.45: Breakfast
  • 08.00 – 11.30: Walk in nature
  • 11.30: Lunch, maybe a swim if you like, then we return home.
  • Pause for around 2 hours to rest (or meditate)
  • 15.00 – 18.00: Yoga and meditation in the hall overlooking the ocean or in the grass outside
  • 18.30: Dinner at our local beach – if the weather is good. 


  • 07.00 – 7.45: Breakfast
  • 08.00 – 11.00: Walk in nature
  • 11.00: Lunch, then we return home.
  • Pause for around 2 hours to rest (or meditate)
  • 13.30 – 16.30: Yoga and meditation in the hall overlooking the ocean or in the grass outside

Do stay until monday and enjoy nature, some quiet time, or togetherness with other participants, as you like…)

Price and registration:

You get:

  • Teachings Friday to Sunday
  • Lunch Saturday & Sunday
  • Dinner Friday & Saturday
  • The food is delicious, vegetarian, mainly organic.

Price 3,500 dkk. (ca. €465 Euro)

Register two together and save 1200 dkk., pay only 2900 dkk.  per person.

You sign up by sending an email to

Places fill up fast, so book early to reserve your place. Once you have paid for the course, your reservation is final. The amount is not refundable, but can be passed on, if you find someone else who can take your place.

If you have questions, please feel free to write or call – – tel. 42307716

There is a maximum of 10 participants. Minimum 6.

The course is smoke and alcohol free.

You are encouraged to deposit your phone and other electronic equipment when you arrive (we have a phone number so you can be reached in case of emergency).

When we have of non-Danish-speaking participants (which we do most of the time) courses are taught in English.

We have yoga mats and equipment here, but you are of course also welcome to bring your own.

Getting here:

It is faster and cheaper to get to Bornholm than most people think.

  • 3 hours from the main train station or the airport. You can take a special Bornholm bus + a ferry.
  • 30 minutes from Copenhagen Airport to Bornholm Airport (the quietest airport in the world). The trip is just long enough for the friendly Bornholm aircraft staff to serve you a cup of tea or coffee.

See more about transportation here

Before you book your travel please confirm with us that the course is taking place.


Accommodation is not included in the price.
You can stay on Bornholm Yoga and Retreat Center, prices are 350-450 dkk per (ca. €50-€60 Euro) night, including all meals, bedding, towel, organic shampoo and conditioner. Write an email to for more information.

We love that you come and visit us from all over the world. To say thank you, we offer you en extra night for free, from Sunday to Monday.


If you have any questions about the course please send us an email. We can also arrange a skype call and we are happy to guide you when booking your travel.

I’m look forward to meeting you

Solveig Egebjerg


Course Dates

June 1st – 3rd 2018
July 13th – 15th 2018 

To sign up send an email to 


True meditation has no direction, goals or methods. Just be present and conscious now – this moment – and this – and this – that is meditation




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