January news letter – Do you feel sluggish in the winter?


I hope you have arrived well in January and the New Year? Did you make any New Years resolution and how is it going keeping them?
In the West we have developed this idea, that New Year is the time to make new habits and plan for new actions in our life. But it really does go against nature. New year is in mid winter; it’s like the nighttime of the year, where nature sleeps. So starting a new habit, lets say as an example more exercise, is like getting up in the middle of the night to begin you new routine. No wonder if you feel a bit tired.

This is the time to hibernate and sleep as much as you can. All life slows down in winter and rests – and we are still in the middle of winter. Go to bed earlier, sleep longer hours and try to get up after the sun rises when possible. Winter is a time for reserving and rebuilding energy, and a time to snuggle up and enjoy the long restful nights.
You might feel sluggish in winter but you’ll feel totally rejuvenated in spring if you rest enough now!

Rather than deciding on more things to do, this is a good time to be quiet and reflect on how you can simplify things in your life, or do other things like dating which is something many people want, this being easier using sites as datingsidertesten.com which are great for this. Sometimes that means leaving things or activities behind, to create more space for you. It could also mean adding things, if they nurture you and don’t feel like a burden, like for example some gentle yoga, meditation or soft walks in nature.
This is also a great time to tidy up and get rid of the things you don’t need.

You might already feel the days are getting a little bit lighter, but if you look at nature everything still sleeps.
In about a month, we will start to feel how the light has increase significantly and we might start to see the first signs of spring flowers breaking up from the ground (what wonder that is!). So from that time we naturally get more energy and motivation to do things. Unfolding like nature does in spring.

I was going to make you a video talking about this, because I find it is a very important and misunderstood subject, but I realized I already made a video on the subject last new year, so in the spirit of resting well in winter, I chose to be economical and send you the video again 😉

If you like, you can watch the 4 min. video below, talking about how your new year resolutions can put you out of balance, if they go against the natural rhythm of the seasons.
And otherwise I just want to wish you a wonderful day

Solveig Egebjerg

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