Dancing for Joy, Dances Of Universal Peace


Mantra, melody and movement – what could be more beautiful than human beings expressing the living quality of life through singing and dancing together? There are some things in life so precious, so unspeakably beautiful that to touch upon them is to be changed forever.

This sublime form of sacred dance known as Dances of Universal Peace traces its origins back to Sufism and India. Sufism is an ancient but living path of the heart and as we sing and dance with sacred phrases from different spiritual traditions we find that by some mysterious process a healing energy gathers in the body. In response to this life-energy our hearts are felt to open and the normal mischief of the mind is seen to subside. This can become especially apparent over the course of a longer workshop.

There are many practices and paths that serve to open the heart and silence the mind, but few of these are as accessible, joyful and immediate as these dances. The dance movements – some of which have been used in spiritual body practices for millennia – are always simple, and most of the sacred phrases we will sing are no more than four or five words long.

During the day, we will move to and chant sacred phrases from several of the world’s spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism and of course Sufism. We will explore some of the words of Jesus, in his native language, Aramaic. We will sometimes work with harmonies and also practice some sitting and walking meditations. Sufism has a long tradition of touching upon ecstatic states through shared practice with song and dance and there will be an evening devoted solely to this practice. Throughout the day the singing and dancing will be accompanied by live music.

Glen is from England and his spiritual background is in Advaita Vedanta and Sufism. The dances have been alive in him for 17 years and he teaches regularly in 7 or 8 countries throughout Europe, as well as in India.


14:30 – 21:00  please arrive 14:00 for a prompt start 🙂


Bornholm Yoga & Retreat Centre,
Røbrovej 9 ,
Gudhjem, 3760,
Bornholm, Denmark

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Languages: English, Danish

Food: For dinner we will eat delicious vegetarian soup, salad and bread – included in the price.


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“Thank you for a truly beautiful weekend of singing and dancing… it was definitely an invitation to unlock the door to the heart.”
– Pia, Denmark (Copenhagen weekend workshop)


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