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John Stirk is one of Englands leading yoga teachers.

(see interview with John below)

If you want to dive deeply into your body and being, come and join us for this unique workshop. If you dont want to have your ideas of what yoga is challenged and questioned, better make sure you never meet John 😉

His practice and teaching acknowledges bio-mechanics, anatomy, physiology, evolution and eastern/western approaches to self-growth. 
The exploration of movement and asana is accompanied by Johns light-hearted yet profound and inspiring dialogue, with space for insight and realization to occur.

The content is always dependent on where John is with his own practice and enquiry. 
He has been teaching yoga for over 35 years and has been a cranial osteopath for over 40 yrs. He also worked privately with Vanda Scaravelli for many years and studied closely with R.D Laing.

Please notice: this is NOT one of those workshops, where you will find you self among 80 other people, and never get quality attention from the teacher. This workshop has max 14 people, so you will be sure to be seen and guided with lots of attention.

Everybody is welcome, beginners and long time experienced yoga practitioners. We work on an individual level, so what the others do or can is irrelevant. Only thing you need, is your curiosity.


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Jeg har 20 års erfaring i at arbejde med krop og sind. Jeg er her for at inspirere dig til at være tilstede lige nu, se og mærke dig selv bevidst, klart og kærligt.

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