Yoga Retreat – Goa, India, 15th – 26th February 2016

Please notice we do NOT hold any India retreat winter-spring  2017

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The retreat is fully booked.

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solveig-egebjerg-blank-300x300Hi, my name is Solveig Egebjerg and I’d like to invite you to participate in a Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Goa, from the 15th to 26th February 2016.

This is the fourth year that I will be taking a group to this very special and magical place. You get the opportunity to recharge your batteries with warm sun, yoga, meditation, massage, swimming in the sea, living in a charming bamboo hut right next to a paradise beach & sweet water lagoon.


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Yoga & Meditation Retreat In Goa 15th to 26th February 2016.

The Yoga & Meditation Retreat


Travel Information

Prices & Booking 

Dwarka Goa - Beach - Lagoon

The Yoga & Meditation Retreat

I will guide you to discover a deeper presence within yourself. We will work with on the physical level and with the breath.  As your body opens and you connect deeper with your breath you will understand it’s close connection to your body, feelings & thoughts and to becoming present.

I will help you to detect any blockages where your energy is not flowing freely. You get the tools to let go, get more freedom at all levels and “Come home to yourself.”

You get practical tools you can take back home with you.

• helps relax and strengthen the body

• specific exercises for the exact places you need to work with in your body

• to come down into the body (we are often in the head)

• awareness of physical / mental / emotional patterns and how to get rid / change them when they pop up.

• to be present here and now with all of yourself.

Silence & Stillness

We start every morning with noble silence until class starts. In noble silence, we refrain from unnecessary socialising talk and avoid external distractions from books, listening  to music or checking our mobile phones. Of course If you need to ask a question or order food then its fine to talk, but apart from that we try and minimise our external communication.

Being quiet is something we rarely have the opportunity in our normal lives, but everyone who tries it finds what a great gift it is to really have the time and space for meeting yourself in this way. How much you want to go into the silence is entirely up to you.

During the retreat there will be 1-2 days in complete silence where you are encouraged not to talk to anyone, except for practical matters.

Dwarka Goa - Sunsets

Who can participate

This workshop is open for everyone, both young and old.

You don’t need to have any yoga experience beforehand. All you need is a curiosity and a desire to feel and become more aware of yourself. It’s ok if you are a very stiff, most of us are in some places. This type of yoga is not about flexibility or strength (it can be a by-product), it is much more about the development of consciousness and being present here and now.

If you are already an experienced yogi, I can guide you to go deeper and more subtly.
Because we are a small group, it is highly personalised teaching and there is plenty of time and space for whatever you want to work with.

This retreat may be challenging for people who have rigid or dogmatic beliefs about what yoga and spirituality should be. It is aimed at those who want to discover themselves honestly through direct experience rather than reading about it in books, watching videos or being told what they should be feeling/experiencing by a Teacher.


Your teachers are Solveig Egebjerg & Hayley North


Solveig Egebjerg

I’m here to inspire you to be present right now,
see and feel yourself consciously, clearly and lovingly

Solveig has 20 years experience working with the body, mind and spirit. Solveig has been teaching Yoga since 2006. She holds regular weekly classes on Bornholm and teaches workshops in Denmark, Europe and India.

A natural approach to Yoga
Solveig has a unique style of teaching yoga
Instead of trying to push your body into poses the way a lot of conventional yoga tends to do today , this is a much more natural approach and works with listening to the body instead of forcing it.
With extensive experience, precise instructions and warm caring nature, Solveig invites her students to a deeper realisation and understanding of who they really are.
Solveig welcomes anyone who is sincerely seeking to deepen their relationship to body, mind, spirit. Experience is not necessary, only curiosity and a willingness to investigate. Solveig’s yoga teaching goes much deeper than focusing on the physical aspect of yoga, although health benefits are often a side effect.

Click here to read more about Solveig Egebjerg & her teaching.



Hayley North –

Yoga ignited every part of my being and spoke a language to me I had been waiting to hear for a very long time.

This year i have invited my good friend and colleague Hayley North (UK) to teach with me. Hayley is an international teacher of both yoga and holistic cookery. 
The first time I met Hayley was when she was teaching in a yoga retreat in Goa, and her teaching got my body to say ” YES , this is how i want to aproach yoga” And from then on my yoga practice shifted away from a rather hard practice to a much more self- loving and listening practice.  Hayley was also the first guest teacher we invited to teach at Bornholm yoga og retreat center.
Of all the many yoga teacher I have met, Hayley is on my top 5 list . So it’s a great honour and joy that she will be co-teaching this year. You can look forward!
You can find out more about Hayley on her website

Price for Teaching

Yoga & Meditation teaching from the 15th to 26th February 2016, in a small exclusive group maximum 16 persons

12 Day Retreat = 5,500 DKK (Teaching Fee)

You get:

  • 3 hours of yoga and meditation every morning (the first 2 days will be slightly shorter so everyone can land before we dive deeper)
  • 1 hour of meditation starting with some gentle yoga every afternoon or evening (optional).
  • Depending on the group’s wishes, there will also be an afternoon or evening with workshops, e.g. Ayurvedic principles of body types / diet, Voice and Mantra singing.
  • A free day, giving you the chance to do something on your own or we will take the group on a trip to the local market, a national park with Goa’s oldest temple, Goa’s largest waterfall or a spice plantation. (This trip is not included in the price, but it is very cheap)
  • Lots of good advice and information about traveling to India and exploring it’s great depth and beauty.

Dwarka Goa - Yoga Teaching

Bring a Friend and get a discount:

Take your friend, lover, spouse! It’s a great thing to experience together. You can save 1000  DKK , and get the course for 5,000 DKK. (Normal Price 5500 DKK)

This discount is only valid if you sign up and pay together with a single payment and share a double bed (they are 2 metres wide, so you have plenty of space in between).

Dwarka Goa - Huts


During the yoga retreat you will stay in a simple but luxurious bamboo hut situated on a freshwater lagoon. Each hut has it’s own private bathroom and shower, hot water is available in buckets whenever you need it. Having an indian shower the traditional way is a truly wonderful experience.

The 12 Day retreat takes place from the 15th to 26th February 2016 which means you will stay for 11 nights in total. If want to come early or stay later this is also possible.

There are a total of 9 huts available (5 twins and 4 Doubles) all prices include three meals a day including tea & coffee. (Soft drinks, juices & smoothies are charged separately)

More pictures of the retreat place can be seen here


Meals are served three times a day. The food is simple delicious Indian vegetarian food, freshly made with fresh ingredients including dairy produce & eggs. An ideal yoga diet.
The evening meal may often include locally caught fish (optional)

In accordance with yogic principles meat and chicken will not be available. We will do our best to accommodate any special dietary needs but be aware certain special food items are not available in India (please let me know if you have any special diet needs or questions when you sign up)

Tea and coffee is included  with breakfast and lunch.

The restaurant also offers a variety of soft drinks, healthy juices, yummy smoothies & pancakes that you can buy as extras.

(Alcoholic beverages  are not allowed during the retreat)

Diet & Health

The yoga retreat includes Ayurvedic Principles (traditional Indian medical and life science) in relation to diet, life habits and you will experience how different types of yoga exercises affects your balance in a harmonious way.

During the 12 day retreat you are not allowed to smoke (even e-cigarette!) or drink alcohol. If you are a smoker, it is only possible to smoke in a  designated area a few minutes outside the retreat place. This must be respected by all participants.

Your senses are weakened by smoke and alcohol, so you get much more out of the retreat if you give your body a break.

Huts Inside

Accommodation Prices

11 nights including breakfast, lunch and dinner

Twin Hut & Doubles (2 Persons sharing) = 3800 rupees – about 3900 DKK per person

Single Occupancy hut (1 Person)            = 75000 rupees – about 7600 DKK (limited availability)


Extra Nights – You can arrive from the 7th Feb and stay after the course ends on the 20th Feb

Twin Hut & Doubles (2 Persons sharing) = 3500 rupees – about 360 DKK per person per night

Single Occupancy hut (1 Person)            = 7000 rupees – about 750 DKK per person per night

Booking Your Place

You sign up by sending an email to

We will then confirm there is a place available and send you the payment details.

Once we have received your payment for the teaching your reservation is final. This amount is non-refundable, but can be passed on, if you find someone who wants to go instead of you, or if we have a waiting list.

Please ensure you have read and agree to our payment conditions before booking your place.

How Much Does It Cost In Total?

The total cost of the yoga retreat will vary from person to person.

The price will vary depending what type of accommodation you book, where you are coming from and how early you book your flight. The teaching price is the same for all participants.

Total Cost = Teaching Cost + Accommodation (11 Nights) + Any Extra Days Accommodation + Flights + Visa


Teaching Cost = 5,500 DKK ( approx. 738 EUROS) 

Early bird price by registering before 1. november: 5000 kr

Accommodation Cost = 3900 DKK (Twin /  Double shared) or 7600 DKK (Single Occupancy)

Extra Accommodation Cost = 350 DKK Per Night (Twin / Double shared) or 700 DKK Per Night (Single Occupancy)

Flight Cost  = 4500 DKK to 9,000 DKK depending on the airline and how early you book.

Indian Visa  = The cost varies depending on your nationality & location (Check with your local Indian Embassy)

Typical Price Example

Cost Breakdown Description Amount
Teaching  50-60 hours 5500 DKK (approx. 738 EUROS) 
Accommodation Cost 1 Person in hut 3900 DKK (approx. 522 EUROS)
Return flight CPH-Mumbai Turkish Airlines 4500 DKK (approx. 603 EUROS)
Return flight Mumbai-Goa Indigo/Spicejet/… 600 DKK (approx. 80 EUROS)
Total cost for retreat 14500 DKK (approx. 1943 Euros)
(please note : the cost of your flight may increase the later you book)

You’d like to go but you cant afford it?

Think about what you would spend in the same period in February in Europe for your food, entertainment, heating bills etc. When you add it all together, there is not much difference in whether you spend this at home or in Goa. It is also much cheaper to book flights now than in 2 months – so the sooner you decide, the cheaper it is.



To book your retreat just send an email to

Beach & Restaurant

Travel Information

If you are thinking “But what about the flight, the visa and vaccinations etc !!” Then read on:

Journey to India / Goa

For those who want the journey arranged: I have an good relationship with a local travel agent who can book all your tickets for you and arrange any extra accommodation and taxis if you want to come earlier or stay later. His name is  Henrik Jacobsen travel,  : phone 0045 56 952 010

If you wish to arrange the journey yourself :


You can fly directly to Goa with Qatar Airways. It’s the fastest, but also the most expensive. Otherwise, I recommend to fly via Mumbai and then on to Goa, the prices are cheaper, but it also takes a little longer.


Check out or for flights to Mumbai. I recommend sticking with a major european airline such as  (British Airways, Swiss, Lufthansa, Sas, Klm, Virgin, Turkish) if things go wrong then you can expect good customer service and being looked after properly in accordance with EU regulations.

Other airlines, especially from Gulf states – Emirates, Gulf Air and Kuwait airlines are cheaper but might not give you such good customer service. Many last year travelled with Quatar airways and said they had a good experience.

It’s a good idea to arrive early in the morning in Mumbai and make sure there is a minimum of 3 hours between before your flight to Goa. You arrive at the International airport and need to take a second flight to Goa from the domestic terminal. You can get a free shuttelbus to the domestic terminal, it runs regularly and is quite civilised.

Mumbai – Goa
Book your Internal flight via – this is an Indian search engine that finds the cheapest deals. (You pay in Indian rupees. 100 rupees is about 9,5 DKK see

The earlier you book your flights the more money you will save. Flight prices will rise considerably towards the Christmas & new year period. 

Sunset Beach

Visa for India

An indian tourist visa lasts 3 months from the day it’s issued at the embassy.  We recommend that you get apply for your visa at least 3 weeks before travelling (early January) The visa costs 370 DKK for Danish Citizens.  Get the latest info at or

Visa on arrival” facility is available at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata airports only. “This facility is available for citizens of: Cambodia, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Luxemberg, Myanmar, Singapore, New Zealand, Russia, Vietnam, Philippines. Danish citizens and other nationals resident in Denmark are required to obtain visa from Embassy of India, Copenhagen before embarking on their journey to India”


Goa is in many ways more Western than the rest of India. Should you need medical assistance, you need not worry. The doctors are skilled. And if you need a dentist, you may want to do it while you are in Goa and save money.
Check with your insurance company if they cover you, otherwise you need to take out additional insurance.

It is your own responsibility and choice whether you want the vaccinations or not.
Here you will find the State  Serum Institute recommendations 
Here you will find information that puts into question whether vaccination is always needed?

I have a tetanus shot, but no others. I make sure to keep a healthy immune system with vitamins, minerals, probiotic capsules, good diet and adequate sleep. I also have effective remedies against abdominal infection. I will send you the travel check list when you have signed up.

India has its own ancient medical tradition called Ayurveda, if you are interested, it’s possible to consult an Ayurvedic doctor who can pulse test you and diagnose your body type, and from there to guide you accurately in the most beneficial diet and living habits.


To book your retreat just send an email to


The Yoga & Meditation Retreat


Travel Information

Prices & Booking 


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Jeg har 20 års erfaring i at arbejde med krop og sind. Jeg er her for at inspirere dig til at være tilstede lige nu, se og mærke dig selv bevidst, klart og kærligt.

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